Lex Boutique Missouri

The BEST Hair Ties


NO Headache, NO Crease, NO Ouch! An easy accessory for your hair! Wear your hair so many different ways and this Hair Tie will be your BFF! If you’ve never tried them you MUST... you’ll love them! One size fits all Hair, thick or thin. Oh... they look great as a bracelet too! AND you get 3 in a pack! 

{Please read our Return Policy before buying so you will be on the same page as we are!}  

1 Pastel: blue, mint, blush 

2 Black Diamond: black, clear, pewter

3 Firecracker: red, white, royal

4 Spring Breaker: pink, white, blue

5 Lavender Crush: lavender, silver, brown

6 Fire and Gold: auburn, gold, silver

7 Watermelon Matte: pink, mint, forest

8 Sunny Skies Matte: yellow, pale blue, navy

9 Summer Prep Matte: pale blue, pink, navy

10 Watercolor Metallic: white/blue, purple/pink, hot pink/yellow

11 Ultra Violet Matte: violet, light purple, gray

12 Bridal: opal, silver, gold

13 Beachy: navy, blue, gold

14 Flower Power Mate: pink, purple, yellow

15 Tropical Matte: coral, pink, mint

16 Pool Party Matte: baby blue, coral, yellow

17 Bonfire: orange metallic, black matte, gray metallic

18 Red Velvet Matte: maroon, blush, grey 

19 Ivy League Matte: navy, maroon, black

20 Snowflake: blue metallic, pale blue matte, opal metallic

21 Game Day: auburn, gold, silver

22 Glitter Stormy Night: navy, gray, blue

23 Cotton Candy Iridescent: blue, green, pink

24 Popsicle Iridescent: purple, tan, blue 

25 Candy Cane Skinnies: 2 red skinnies, 2 opal skinnies

26 Glitter Dusty Rose: blush, cinnamon, mauve

27 Merry and Bright: red metallic, silver skinny, red metallic

28 Mistletoe: forest matte, opal metallic, burgundy matter 

29 Unicorn Glitter: silver, light blue, purple