Red Aspen Nails

$10.00 $14.00

-What are Red Aspen Nails?
They are fake nails that you glue on! SO EASY!
They range from $14-16.
Glue, nail file and cuticle pusher. And you get more than just 10 nails. Included in the box is lots of sizes fitting big nails to small nails.
-How it works: (how I do it)
Trim cuticles. Use nail file to buff or add grip to your actual nail bed. Figure out sizes and line the nails up. Put a bunch of glue on and then press the nail down. If glue seeps out the sides I just wipe off with a towel before it dries (a few seconds).
I have very oily nails and these STAY ON!
I also keep a bottle of glue with me at all times. That way if one pops off I can just glue it back down!
-Can I make money and sell this Brand?
YES GIRL!!! You can actually sign up for yourself EVEN IF you just want to buy for yourself! Become a Brand Ambassador and say an item costs $10, you pay the full $10 but then get 2.50 to 3.50 back into your vault account when commissions run!
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