Lex Boutique Missouri

Scented Sachets Fall-Winter


Sachets are a great way to get a continuous scent in a room without having a candle burning! They’re great to go in cars, closets, bathrooms and more. Most customers feel they get 3-5 months use out of a single Sachet.

*Weekend Getaway- Fragrance Family: Oriental and Spice {Outsider} Adventure calls and the great outdoors await to lure the senses on an open air escape. Herbal bay leaf and freshly-harvested pine deliver an uplifting opener of earthy splendor, while intriguing trails of spicy clove bud and Siberian Fir root the fragrance in woodsy wonder.

*Cozy Moments- Fragrance Family: Oriental and Spice {Cozy} Melt into soft surroundings of pure bliss as calming gingergrass and spicy nutmeg settle into a cradle of cinnamon leaf and clove. Creamy layers of honeyed caramel and maple sweetly bind the fragrance in snuggly warmth.

*Remember When- Fragrance Family: Oriental and Spice {Cinnamon} A dash of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg create a recipe handed down with love.


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